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Beach Bouncer Barrier for Sargassum Seaweed Control

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ELASTEC Beach Bouncer Barrier, Designed to Control Sargassum Seaweed and Floating Debris

Elastec introduces the Beach Bouncer barrier to control seagrass. This new deflection boom is specially designed to keep sargassum seaweed and other types of floating debris off the beaches and at sea so that it can be carried away with the current. NOTHING GETS PAST THE BEACH BOUNCER!

Elastec Talks with Duane Bennish about the Beach Bouncer and a solution to the sargassum seaweed invasion.

Sargassum is Invading Resort Beaches. Elastec has a Solution – Beach Bouncer.

Duane Bennish, Elastec Floating Barrier Division Sales Manager, recently visited resorts in the Dominican Republic to see how Elastec could help solve the sargassum problem. Elastec’s design and engineering team developed a concept for a new seaweed deflection boom that directly addresses the problem and put it into production - just in time for this year’s tourism season.

The ELASTEC BEACH BOUNCER barrier is specially designed to deflect sargassum seaweed away from the beaches by sending it on its way with the current. To learn more about the new ELASTEC Beach Bouncer barrier, contact Duane Bennish at +1 618-382-2525.

Duane Bennish

Duane Bennish

Elastec Floating Barriers
Sales Manager
+1 618-382-2525